I have received discounted services through CICP providers in the past. Will I still qualify?

The Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) is not health insurance, but rather provides limited, discounted health care services to low income individuals at participating providers. CICP partially compensates participating providers who care for the uninsured and underinsured at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

If you have health insurance and are also enrolled in CICP, you may use CICP as a second payer. Your CICP medical provider must bill your health insurance first. You must pay the leftover charges that your health insurance does not pay for or your CICP co-pay, whichever is less.

CICP clients must receive health care services from a CICP provider to receive a discount. CICP providers do not offer the same services, however CICP clients can get emergency and urgent care from any qualified CICP provider throughout Colorado.

Beginning in January 2014 individuals currently enrolled in CICP may be newly eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) or for new financial assistance to purchase health insurance through the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace. Get more information and find out if you qualify.

Since CICP is not a health insurance program, it does not satisfy the requirement for most individuals to have health insurance beginning January 2014. Get more information on the mandate.

Get more information on the CICP program.