What does the Affordable Care Act mean for clients served directly by the Colorado Department of Human Services at 24-hour facilities including the Regional Centers, Mental Health Institutes, and youth facilities?

Clients at the Colorado Regional Centers for People with Developmental Disabilities receive health care coverage from Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program). They and their families do not need to change what they are currently doing.

Individuals at the Mental Health Institutes at Ft. Logan and Pueblo receive health care coverage in different ways, including under Health First Colorado, Medicare or private health insurance. In some cases, the state covers the costs of care. Nothing will change for individuals currently residing at the Mental Health Institutes.

Individuals who do not have coverage when discharged from the Mental Health Institutes may benefit from the Affordable Care Act. Some individuals might qualify for Health First Colorado. For others, it will reduce roadblocks so that they will be able to buy insurance without the worry of denial due to a pre-existing condition, such as mental illness, on the private market.

Youth in the care and custody of the Division of Youth Services receive health care, including mental health care, from state credentialed medical personnel. Youth in community facilities are Health First Colorado-eligible and receive care from a network of medical professionals. Nothing will change for youth at Division of Youth Corrections or in a community facility.