Where can an Authorization Number be found?

Applicants will be issued an Authorization Number when they apply for health coverage if they have applied after November 9, 2014 and meet the requirements outlined above. If they apply online at Colorado.gov/PEAK or ConnectforHealthCO.com, they may be given an Authorization Number right away. Customers who find out right away if they qualify for a tax credit are encouraged to click on the “Shop” button right after finishing their financial application to ensure the smoothest shopping experience.

There are a couple of ways to find an applicant’s Authorization Number:

  • If an applicant applied online at colorado.gov/PEAK or at ConnectforHealthCO.com, at the end of the application process they will see several numbers on the results screen.  These numbers must be written down for future reference.
    • Case ID number
    • Authorization Number
    • Application Tracking Number
    • The applicant must scroll to the bottom of the page under the Connect for Health Colorado logo, and click the “Shop” button before leaving the page to ensure their information is shared across both systems. The applicant can complete their enrollment at a later time but must click the “Shop” button before leaving the screen.
  • The applicant’s Case ID number and Authorization Number will be listed on the Eligibility Notice of Action, the joint letter they get from the State and Connect for Health Colorado that tells them want they qualify for. They can view all letters from the State by logging into their PEAK Account, then going to their PEAK Mail Center. If the customer started at Connect for Health Colorado, they can use their Connect for Health Colorado user name and password to log into their PEAK Account to view the letters.
  • A Connect for Health Colorado Customer Service Center Representative can look up a customer’s Case ID Number and Authorization Number when the customer’s determination is complete, if the customer started at the Connect for Health Colorado website, or if the customer was determined eligible for tax credits or cost sharing reductions by applying any other way.
  • The applicant’s Authorized Representative can log into an applicant’s PEAK Account for them and look up the applicant’s Authorization Number on the applicant’s Eligibility Notice of Action in their PEAK Mail Center.