Why shouldn’t non-ACA compliant plans be allowed to continue into 2016, as President Obama originally announced?

The President’s announcement regarding non-ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant plans in March of 2014 did not mandate that such plans would be allowed to continue into 2016; rather, it gave states the authority to decide whether continuing such plans would be beneficial to the consumers of that state, based on their own unique marketplaces. The Commissioner, in looking at the state of the marketplace in Colorado, believed that consumers, employers, and carriers would all benefit from having some additional time to adjust to the ACA’s requirements.

Colorado consumers have now had time to adjust to the ACA. The state has been fortunate enough to have a healthy marketplace and the flexibility to run its own exchange (Connect for Health Colorado).  Moving people into plans that comply with the ACA will broaden the risk pool for individuals and small groups, increasing the stability of the health insurance marketplace and benefitting the state as a whole.