Will my income be verified as part of the annual eligibility redetermination process?

The Connect for Health Colorado marketplace is required to verify current customer income using a federal data source. A subset of our customers will be placed through this federal verification service. The information in the federal data service will be the most recent income information on file for you and other members of your family. If you have more current income information or other eligibility criteria such as changes to your household size, you can have your eligibility re-determined for 2015 beginning November 15 by completing a new application.

If the information Connect for Health Colorado receive from the federal service places the household in one of the following buckets, Connect for Health Colorado will send a notice informing the household to submit a new financial assistance application.

  1. No income information on file
  2. + or – 50% difference between 2014 income and information in federal service
  3. Federal service has household income >500% of FPL
  4. Federal service has household income in Health First Colorado / Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) eligibility range