Get Ready
You may be wondering, “What do I need to do to get ready for health insurance changes in Colorado?” This animation should help.


How To Apply
If you’re currently uninsured you may be asking, “How do I apply for coverage?” This animation teaches you the basics of applying for insurance coverage with Medicaid and Connect for Health Colorado.


Get Covered
Colorado’s new insurance marketplace is officially open! Watch here to find out how the new coverage could save you from high insurance costs.


How Insurance Works
Health insurance can be confusing. What’s a co-payment? How do deductibles work? This video will help.


Colorado Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC)
This video helps to explain what the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) is and how it helps Medicaid clients get connected to the right services, in the right setting, at the right time.


Affordable Care Act in Colorado: Important Information for You to Know
Want to know more about the upcoming changes to private and public health insurance in our state? Then view to this joint presentation by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the Division of Insurance on how the Affordable Care Act will impact Coloradans like you.