What do I do if I was enrolled in Health First Colorado or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) and do not have a 1095-B form available?

Individuals enrolled in certain Health First Colorado programs will not receive IRS Form 1095-B from the Department.

If you were enrolled in Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) or a Health First Colorado program that is not on the list of exceptions, and you do not receive a 1095-B form in the mail by mid-February, log into your Colorado.gov/PEAK account and check the Mail Center. If there is not a 1095-B form there, contact your local county human services office. Find their contact information at Colorado.gov/HCPF/Counties.

These individuals may still receive IRS Form 1095-B, IRS Form 1095-C, or IRS Form 1095-A from another place, such as Medicare, an employer, or the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace.